Sponsor Info

Sponsor Information

Traditional Advertising Not Working? Event Marketing Does!

Sponsorship is the easiest way to reach your customers at a time they’re willing to hear your message.

If your company places an emphasis on event marketing, we think you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better venue than Country Jam USA to market your product or service. Because of our broad appeal and sheer attendance numbers, our sponsors can rest assured that their message will reach their target audience. As a result of the tremendous exposure Country Jam USA offers, we have established a loyal sponsor base including many industry leaders.

Country Jam is in Eau Claire, Wisconsin along the banks of the beautiful Chippewa River. We have a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities available and our staff will work with you to tailor your package to fit your company’s specific needs.

Event highlights include:

  • Many admission options that cater to a diverse group of attendees
  • A secondary touchpoint as many patrons choose to stay in our campgrounds
  • Sampling opportunities for food and beverage as well as personal care products
  • An excellent opportunity for mobile marketing campaigns

Opportunities include:

  • Website promotions and inclusions
  • Social media promotions and contests
  • Client and employee hospitality
  • Jumbotron commercials and billboards
  • Onsite sampling
  • Banners and various other signage
  • Integrated radio promotions
  • Stage presence
  • Ticket packages

Please direct inquiries to Kathy at 715.839.7500 or send her a message to kathy@countryjamwi.com.

Thank you for your interest in Country Jam USA!

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