Country Jam USA Nightly Auctions

Country Jam USA Nightly Auctions

Did you know we host nightly auctions during Country Jam USA on autographed guitars, meet and greets, and MORE!? All of the money raised from these auctions goes right back to the non-profit organizations helping out on the Country Jam USA grounds all week.

These nightly auctions are held at the Main Stage with announcements on auction times posted on our Facebook Page!

Want to know who these non-profit organizations benefiting from the auction? Check out our list below:

Center for Independent Living

Chippewa Youth Hockey Association

CVTC Physical Therapist Assistant Club

CVTC Radiography Imager’s Club

Delta Kappa Gamma-Alpha Tau

Eau Claire Volunteers Girls Basketball

Eau Claire Youth Special Olympics

Epilepsy Foundation of Western Wisconsin

Knights of Columbus

New Life Lutheran Church

Regis Football

Special Olympics

Team UP Gymnastics Association

Trempeleau County Domestic Abuse Task Force

Tri-Parish Youth Group

TTT Wisconsin Chapter C

Western Wildcats Football

Eau Claire Tavern League

Delta Sigma Phi

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