Work At Jam

Job Opportunities at Country Jam

Country Jam USA hires many service groups and individuals to work the week of and days of the event.

Available Positions:

  • Experienced/licensed bartenders
  • Security
  • Stage hands
  • Gates/wrist banding
  • General labor/set-up
  • Clean-up/take-down
  • Campground spotters/wrist banding
  • Shower Attendants

If you are interested in working, and are available for all 3 days of Country Jam, please fill out an application and send it to:

Country Jam USA
Attn: Employment
1711 S. Hastings Way
Eau Claire, WI 54701


Email us

Please note – You must be at least 18 years old to work at Country Jam USA .


Individual Application 2019
Service Group Application 2019

W-4 Form (required for individual applicants)

Applications will be reviewed Spring 2019


Contact us: Send an email, or call at 715.839.7500.

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